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Primary Cover 36-64
Fits all Big Twin tin primaries 36-64. Some reinforcement to
the inner primary may be needed. Order No. BS 001

Primary Cover 65-88
Fits all Big Twin aluminum inner primarys 65-88. Order No. BS 002

Derby Cover
Fits OEM tin primaries, or our aluminum primaries 36-64.
Order No. BS 006

Primary Cover & Inner primary 70-up
Fits all Big Twin 70-up if used with 4 speed gearbox.
This kit includes our special inner primary that will accept 2”
belt drive. Order No. BS 004

Panhead Valve Cover
Accepts valve lift up to .540”. Order No. BS 003

Allen screws chrom (UNC 10 x 2”). Order No. BS 003 SC

Primary Cover 89-up
Fits 89-up Softtail and Dynaglide with Forward controls.
Starter shaft bushing might have to be custom made to fit 95-up. Order No. BS 005