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Rick Hemi

Bike Station New Sealand

Bike Station N.Z. is located in the middle of rolling landscapes and natural beauty.
Large fresh water rivers, Native Bush Forests and Alps are some of the contrasts that make the Wairarapa what it is today..... a hidden paradise tucked away on the lower east coast of the North Island of N.Z.

Temperature within the Wairarapa region is hot and dry from November to March and winters bite comes in July to September.
Its area is known for good grape and olive growing, deer, sheep and cattle farming,
forestry and a gateway for the great outdoor environment which includes fresh water fishing,
pig and deer hunting, deep sea fishing, trekking
or just sippin on glass of local made pinot wine.

There's only 38,000 people living within the 606,000 hectare province and is fast becoming known as a perfect place to settle.

Harley Bikers love to cruise through the Wairarapa on state highway 2 because of the many changes in topography and great scenery in the area, not forgetting the positive hospitality that one gets within the province.

Take a look at the following pictures
and let me take You on a little journey
trough the Wairarapa region...