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Rick and Kai at Bike Station New Zealand. Rick also /built this Good Looking Bike. Se more pics abowe NEXT!

A little info on Bike Station NZ
Bike Station N.Z. is run by Rick Hemi and is in conjunction with Bike Station Sweden. Bike Station - Sweden is owned
and operated by Kai and both owners have known each other dealing with HD parts for numerous years.
Rick has spent over 10 years in Scandinavia building hi-tech Harleys, designing billet alloy parts and selling
custom and original HD parts. Customer service is top of the list of priorities followed by delivery dates of parts.
Bike Station N.Z. will cover all of the Pacific area including Australia, South & North East Asia, Pacific Islands of Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, Guam, Rarotonga and any other Island that has a Harley puttin around on it and is needing parts new or second hand. Bike Station N.Z. is good for neighboring countries due to the low N.Z. Dollar and of course to the competitive prices we give. Allot of orders are done only via e-mail and will increase to larger volumes as we get known. Bike Station N.Z. deals and has /the same distributor rights as B.S.- Sweden. We have the hand on all moving Harley Parts World Wide and can deliver from a stainless bolt to a complete bike.
Check us out and send an E-mail requesting what you're looking for or give us a call or send a fax.
Regards Rick B.S. N.Z.